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I think it was the movie “Demolition Man” with Stallone describing a future dystopic society the prohibited speaking negatively about conditions.  Certainly the movie was more about explosions and Rambo’s positively unVictorian courting of the female lead character than a thorough discussion of why we, as humans, always want to hear the good news affirming that we are right and correct in our decisions, instead of being correctly told we’ve made incorrect decisions.

I think there’s an inverse economy of scale in telling people they’ve screwed up their financial lives.  If I’m talking with a man, one-on-one, over a cup of coffee, we can constructively discuss the errors he’s made and encourage positive actions.  If the man brings his wife (or vice versa) the conversation must include many points of justification as to why mistakes were made, and how it was a good idea at the time, or gulp, my broker told me he sold that to everyone. Emotionally, we don’t want to be wrong in front of a crowd.

How does one warn an entire nation that the path is wrong?  Our government has destroyed the value of our currency by 99% since the Federal Reserve was created by the banking interests. Our future obligations for Social Security and Medi-welfare will require Soviet level tax policies.  Financial asset bubbles have been popped, yet the same failed actions that extended the Great Depression have to be experienced by another generation.

I encourage you, dear reader, to unplug your TV. Stop being told what news means. Start using the internet selectively to read the news yourself and discern meaning yourself.  Broadcast information has to be made happy and unoffensive enough to placate the masses. Narrow-cast information, as in the internet and blogosphere, by the nature of its creation and necessity of avoiding dilution, is direct and poignant.  Stick with the new media.

T-bills are trading at a yield of nearly nothing, the same prices at the depth of the financial crises in the past year. (Perhaps I should add, the crisis has not gone away or been papered over, instead, it is just part of people’s awareness.)  The weak Greeks have screwed something up overnight, and the Dubai petro-princes have discovered that even foolish loans have to be repaid.  The risks of the world haven’t gone away, and the Congress’ Federal Reserve continues its war on savers at a time when we need savings.


Written by heyercapital

November 27, 2009 at 7:06 am

Posted in Austrian Econ, Econ

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