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inflation vs deflation

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Estimates are that global government banks and agencies have shoveled against the bubble upwards of $30 Trillion (that’s a ” T “) in direct aid and indirect guarantees.  Does that mean we’re facing a hyperinflationary hell?

Not necessarily.  If the trillions upon trillions were in the form of currency, then we’d be on a direct path through Thermopylae. Instead, the vast vast majority of the aid is in the form of credit reserves and contingent taxpayer guarantees.  So long as the reserves remain just that — reserves — and are not put into general use, then their effects on the system are limited only to keep zombie banks (and their creditors & establishment owners) above ground.

Behind the curtain — think Wizard of Oz — the central banks are trying to figure out the best way to remove these reserves from the system.  And government/central banks have never been able to time that shift correctly.  Fortunately, the public’s unwillingness to borrow and the bank’s unwillingness to lend keep the reserves out of reach.

(BTW, I facilitate the local Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course. Believe me, people are increasingly very unwilling to borrow.  I mean not a thin dime  ever, ever again.  And we’re teaching our children that too. There are inter-generational consequences to this extended crisis.)



Written by heyercapital

November 16, 2009 at 9:25 am

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