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Daniel Hannan : Telegraph Blogs

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In the course of a mere two weeks, a political storm has erupted in Britain. This is a Cat 5 hurricane that has MP’s afraid to even leave their offices. (It reminds me of the heat of the Milwaukee county pension scandal where the county board member called the sheriff at 2 AM asking for him to declare martial law to cool things down.)     The expectation is that fully half of the members of parliament will be tossed out on the ears in the coming elections, if they don’t join the 30 that have already resigned. This tempest took two weeks to brew.

The British Member of European Parliament Daniel Hannan – who famously criticized PM Gordon Brown as a “devalued prime minister of a devalued government” — has been canvassing his enormous constituency the past month and only recently found one solitary voter supporting the governing Labor party. 

If you’re interested in following the opinions of a feisty politician who advocates lower taxes, less government, and local control and spending, then I recommend his blog, linked here: 

Daniel Hannan : Telegraph Blogs.


I have long advocated a fully open government here.  Every government email is mirrored to the web.  Every elected official wears a wi-fi microphone streaming onto the web. Every hearing on Youtube. Every government check is posted online.  With technology costs so low, any minor expenses would be more than recovered through reduce savings. Not convinced? Just imagine what taxpayer advocacy groups would be willing to pay to have the governor wear a wire full time.

Written by heyercapital

May 26, 2009 at 9:21 am

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