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“The Final Season”

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I urge you, dear reader, to immediately make arrangements to watch the movie, “The Final Season.”  A two sentence synopsis is difficult, but suffice to say it is neither a love story, nor a sports movie, but a story about life. As the old timers say, baseball is the only game where you try to get home.  

Baseball is imbued in the culture of little Norway, Iowa.  That town of 600 produced 19 straight state high school baseball championships through 1990.  A 20th was pending when the conniving school board fired the coach to clear the way from school consolidation, the death knell of rural American life.

Hollyweird puts out a lot of garbage; this movie, produced by Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee – Lord of the Rings; “Rudy”), is worth two hours of your time.

As an aside, while the statists clamor for “small class sizes,” a good friend from Norway reminded me that indeed we used to have small class sizes; they were called small schools.


Written by heyercapital

August 31, 2008 at 9:41 pm